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CI Introduction

CI Introduction

Symbol mark

he logo of Chang Ryong Machinery appropriately combines ‘ C ’, the first English initial of the company name and ‘ R ’, the shape of a conveyor, and symbolizes a professional company through the design.


The green color of ‘ C ’ composed of the harmony of a consecutive strong line and smooth curve contains a sustainable challenge as well as a strong momentum, and the blue color of ‘R’ supporting the green color includes the intent of Chang Ryong to realize customer surprise based on competent persons and technical skills. In addition, the Chinese letters for Chang Ryong Machinery includes a vigorous enterprise spirit with 25 years tradition that has continued sincerity and trust.

Color system

The color system is a visual factor to symbolize Chang Ryong Machinery. Therefore, expressing the character of Chang Ryong Machinery and transferring a unified brand image, the shape shall not be transformed under any circumstances and shall be accurately used by regulations.

The colors of Chang Ryong Machinery show a consecutive future-oriented power from the proper harmony of green and blue. In case of expressing colors, particularly the expressions for colors, brightness and chroma should be careful.